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Collagen (500ml)

Did you know collagen makes up 75% of your pets skin and 30% of all proteins in the body? As our furry companions age, their natural production of collagen begins to decrease. The good news is, a high quality, anti-aging collagen supplement can help your pets reach their golden years with grace.

How? By regenerating cartilage and ligaments, increasing muscle tone, toning the body and organs, improving elasticity and tightening the skin.

Need more? How about increasing endurance, strength, vitality, and accelerating the healing of injuries.

Composed of top quality hydrolysed collagen, and tested for human consumption―you may be tempted to start taking it yourself!

Hydrolyzed beef collagen, 1600 mg

NON-MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS : Purified water, citric acid, natural beef flavour, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate.

SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS FOR USE : One dose per day, everyday.
Intensive treatment: Double the dose and give once a day for 3 months or as needed.
See dosage chart.  Give with food.