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Fresh Prepared Pet Meals for the four-legged foodie in your family!

our story

Tom&Sawyer exists because it needs to. We’re proud pet parents ourselves who felt like cats and dogs deserved fresh, healthy meals just like the rest of the family does.  Our dog Sawyer got very sick on commercial pet food (kibble and raw) and this started a journey with vets, nutritionists, chefs, and food scientists to create Pet Meals - nutritionally balanced meals made from real ingredients humans eat, made complying with public health guidelines for human food!  Humans can eat everything we make at Tom&Sawyer, but we focus on the needs of dogs and cats.
The pet industry is unregulated in North America, so consumers are misled by marketing, packaging and what ingredients they think is in their pet food.  Our approach with Pet Meals is focused on Transparency, Restaurant Quality Ingredients in the hands of trained culinary Chefs, and Nutrition based on in-house food science and lab testing.  We have nothing to hide!  You can see our meals and treats being made by chefs in our flagship retail store open concept kitchen.  Try to find out how your current pet food brand is made.  We bet you can't.  Watch out for deceptive videos that show fresh ingredients and then a finished product that doesn't look anything like those ingredients.
Pets are beloved members of our family, spending time snuggling with us in bed or on the couch.  This is why we gently cook all of our food.  Food born illnesses are present in almost all raw meats and some vegetables, which are easily passed along to humans in the house for up to 8 hours after the dog or cat eats by touching the fur around mouths or from them licking things.  We created Pet Meals to be the furthest thing from traditional dog and cat food possible.  Like comparing real food with fast food, and the associated health benefits.  Why is "human grade" even a pet industry term?  See here.

our team

Kristin Matthews

Chief Pet Parent and Co-Founder

Peter A.P. Zakarow

Pet Experience and Co-Founder

Trish Donnelly

Culinary Team Manager

Jim Ellis & Dexter

Product Transportation Team

Chris Floyd

Marketing and Customer Experience Manager

Laura McNulty

Culinary Team Assistant Manager

Serge Boutet

Animal Nutrition Consultant, SB Nutrinnov

Fernando Ponce

Marketing & Customer Experience Specialist

Kim Parra

Culinary Team Member

our product

Our fresh prepared pet meals are made with all the same ingredients you find in your fridge to make homemade meals for your family, such as chicken breast, ground beef, salmon and lots of healthy fruits and vegetables.
Under the guidance of a veterinarian, pet nutritionist, chef and food scientists, we have prepared a menu of tasty meal choices following the gold standard in science for nutritional requirements of dogs and cats.
Packed schedule? We get it, we’re also pretty busy. That’s why we have developed subscription based ordering with a delivery option available to keep your best buddy consistently hooked up with the best food possible!

our retail locations

Our flagship and first retail store houses our modern open kitchen and full pet lounge with barista and beverage service in the hip neighbourhood of Leslieville in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 1247 Queen St East.  Our plan is to open additional retail locations across Canada, and to sell our meals and treats through some select fine food stores and pet service businesses.  Note that we do not sell our Pet Meals through any traditional pet store as they are not equipped to adhere to public health guidelines for human food transportation and storage.  Also, frankly, the best restaurants would never sell their quality products in a fast food environment (talk about apples and oranges!), so why would we?

We welcome you and your furry friend to visit us to watch our trained chefs take real ingredients and create nutritionally balanced Pet Meals for both cats and dogs.  You can enjoy a latte, while your dog enjoys our fresh chef-made treats (like our fresh baked dog muffins), either in our pet lounge or while browsing our selection of carefully curated pet accessories.  Then you can either take Pet Meals home or become a subscription home delivery customer where you will get your Pet Meals every 2 or 4 weeks.  We are not a "dog cafe" in that Pet Meals are not eaten in our stores, but treats while lounging in a dog bed are encouraged!

Leslieville Store Hours
Monday - Closed
Tuesday through Friday - 10am-6pm
Saturday & Sunday - 10am-5pm

Online Store Hours
Always Open!

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our location

Tom&Sawyer 1247 Queen St. East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4L 1C2