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We've put together an assortment of videos to help you with everything Tom&Sawyer has to offer.

Fresh Preservative-Free Chef Made Treats!

At Tom&Sawyer our chefs bake fresh treats for dogs and cats in a variety of flavours.  Our research shows how terrible preservatives are for our dog and cat members of the family, so our treats are made without any preservatives.  Just like going to a farmer's market for fresh bread, these treats don't last long as they are all natural.  We put an estimated "use before" date on each package, but the time depends on storage conditions and is outside of our control.  If you keep them in the fridge they will last longer.  If you see mold on them, do not use them.  Our fresh treats sometimes have a light dusting of oat flour on them (white), so don't mistake that for mold by accident! Your pet will LOVE them!  Best treats ever!!

Learn About Our Pet Meals Packaging

We have taken a lot of time to develop our packaging at Tom&Sawyer for our fresh dog and cat meals.  In this video you can learn more about why we want to show off the amazing ingredients we use by using a clear package, how we want them to stack conveniently in the freezer, keep the meals in the freshest state possible, and be very quick and easy to thaw!

How to Open, Serve and Store Our Pet Meals

Learn how to take a thawed pet meals package, open it, use our Feeding Guide and digital scale to portion the correct amount for your pet's meal, place the remaining food in a food storage container and store in the fridge until the next meal.  The only part we don't show is the dancing and spinning your dog or cat will do in front of the fridge excited for their next meal!

How we make our Sous Vide Salmon Dog Meals

In this video, we explore the steps we take when making our delicious Sous Vide Salmon recipe for dogs.  Discover the quality and care we put into every product.

Chefs Making Our Italian Beef Pasta Dog Meal Recipe

Our best selling dog meal is our Italian Beef Pasta recipe.  Here our chefs show you how we use restaurant quality ingredients to make this meal, which follows all guidelines for human food but is nutritionally balanced for dogs!  

Global Morning Television Cooking Segment

In December 2016, Chef Trish demonstrated on live television how we prepare our fresh cooked pet meals and Co-Founder Kristin Matthews explains the reason Tom&Sawyer was created and all the benefits of real food nutrition for dogs & cats.