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Herding Cat-tle

Where's the beef? We've herded the cows directly to your favourite feline friend's bowl, that's where. With such great taste in this recipe, herding cats has finally been achieved!!

Lean ground beef, beef liver and carrots, oh my! Not only is this dish irresistible, but with Tom's Blend, our proprietary vitamin & mineral blend for cats, natural cranberry extract and chamomile flowers to assist with urinary health and stress reduction, it is super healthy too! Your furry favourite will be purring in approval.

Note: We purée the cooked food ingredients in our cat recipes as cats find this more desirable and it assures they receive complete nutrition.

227g vacuumed sealed packages

Methods of Ordering:

  • Available for sale individually at our Leslieville store (1247 Queen St. E,Toronto)
  • Free Penguin Pick Up in the GTA for orders (total cart) over $20 before tax.
  • SHIPPING: minimum of 12 dog meals is required, any combination of single meals or variety packs (includes free shipping within Ontario).  
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