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"Pawliday" Turkey Gobbler Dinner for Dogs

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Our seasonal "Pawliday" Dog Meal that features fresh ground turkey meat (white and dark meat), chicken liver, ground pork, carrots, spinach, sweet potato, apples and our house-made stuffing (oats, wheat flour, honey). Drizzle their dinner with the packet of turkey gravy included for a holiday feast that never tasted so good...and it's incredibly healthy too!

Nutritional Information: 197 kcal/100g (447kcal/cup)           Package size: 227g or Approx. 1 cup

Guaranteed Analysis: As Fed Basis: protein (min.) 18.2%, fat (min.) 10.1%, fiber (max.) 1.1%, moisture (max.) 63%, ash 1.3% Dry Matter Basis: protein (min.) 48.8%, fat (min.) 27%, fiber (max.) 2.9%, moisture 0%, ash 3.6%

Approximate Serving Suggestion for Dog Weight (for a full day of feeding, reduce if Gobbler Dinner is only a portion of daily calories):

10 lbs: 150g or 2/3 of package 

20 lbs: 227g or 1 package 

40lbs: 425g or 1 3/4 packages

80lbs: 715g or 3 packages

Note: this is a special Pawliday Recipe that is healthy and nutritious but has not been scientifically formulated and tested to ensure all required minerals and vitamins for long term feeding is met. All other pet meals have been formulated to meet these requirements. 

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