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The Harold

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Treat your feline foodie to the amazing flavours of tuna, sweet potato and butter and listen to the purrs of delight.

Harold was a special cat with cancer who LOVED butter and so we made him a tasty recipe which had butter in it to entice him to eat but also was specially formulated for cats with cancer (but healthy kitties can enjoy it too!)

His mom was our good pal Ali, and Harold was a discerning connoisseur of all things fine, including his fancy footwear such as his pink suede ballet flats he puts his front paws into.

Note: We purée the cooked food ingredients in our cat recipes as cats find this more desirable and it assures they receive complete nutrition.

227g vacuumed sealed packages.

Shipping Note: For shipping orders, a minimum of 18 cat meals is required, any combination of single meals or variety packs (includes free shipping in Ontario).  Local Toronto delivery is free over $50 before tax. In-store pick up is always free!

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