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Where's the Beef? (Vegetarian Recipe )

Where's the Beef? Not in here! Tom&Sawyer's delicious vegetarian recipe for dogs.

NOTE: This recipe contains cheddar cheese and hardboiled eggs in order to provide adequate levels of complete essential amino acids for dogs.

We suggest that a teaspoon of Omega-3 Fish Oil is added to each package to receive essential fatty acids (it was not included to maintain vegetarian only ingredients).

Metabolizable Energy: 122 kcal/100g

NEW SIZE: 454g vacuum sealed package

Methods of Ordering:

  • Available for sale individually at our Leslieville store (1247 Queen St. E,Toronto)
  • Free Penguin Pick Up in the GTA for orders (total cart) over $20 before tax.
  • SHIPPING: minimum of 12 dog meals is required, any combination of single meals or variety packs (includes free shipping within Ontario).  
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